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Where Brush Meets Canvas

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Diane L Farquhar Hallstrom

"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection."


"Summer is a wonderful time of the year full of sun and outdoor activities.  I'm enjoying Central Oregon to the fullest, as I take advantage of recreational activities and am inspired by nature.  My plein air tripod, paint box, and palette have once again been freed from the closet as I set out to catch the sunlight, mood, and magnificence of the area."  Diane

Diversity and range describe Diane's art.  She loves to paint realism. yet also creates non-objective and experimental abstracts with passion.   

Many realistic paintings include nature, animals, western themes, places or events.  Other paintings depict landscapes and show her love of skies, wide open spaces, and depth.  Often, she presents a barrier in the foreground in an attempt to get the viewer to look through and beyond the foreground to see the real truth, beauty, and significance of the painting.  It is her way to encourage everyone to look and think past what they see, hear and experience in life to deeper meaning and truth.  

Beyond painting, Diane is a published poet, writing Haiku and free verse.  

Representation and Affiliation:

Hood Avenue Art Gallery of Fine Art
Sisters Art Association, Board member
Oil Painters of America
Maude Kerns Art Center
Emerald Art Center

"My box of chocolates is overflowing with unique surprises.  I hope you enjoy the many artistic flavors as much as I do."  

Diane L Farquhar Hallstrom

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